We believe that sports are tools of whole human development. The program caters to children and young people between 9 and 29 years old.

Swimming lessons and tests aim to promote adaptation and safety at sea, develop the student’s breathing, immersion, flotation and propulsion. Those approved are referred to sailing or canoeing classes.

The practice of both sports in addition to stimulating pleasure by activity develops motor, cognitive, intellectual and socialization skills.

The methodology we use, adopting boats as educational instruments contribute to the self-confidence, discipline, leadership development and team spirit of its crew members, as well as developing a sense of opportunity and risk, challenge, limits and respect for adversity.


The program is part of the educational sport training course of the Grael project.

Intended for young people, from 18 to 29 years old, who are enrolled or have already completed high school in the public school system.

It aims to contribute to the personal, human and professional development of young people, favoring new opportunities, knowledge and experiences in the nautical area and in professions of the sport and leisure production chain preparing them for their first job.

The professionalizing pillar has already inserted around 4,200 young people into the labor market.


The interest and sensitivity to environmental issues are born in sports practices, so we promote awareness interactions with the main focus on Guanabara Bay, its biodiversity and its social-environmental issues.

Environmental education projects focus on the issue of floating garbage, recycling and conscious consumption practices.

How to become a student-member

Documents required for enrollment:

  • School declaration or certificate of completion in public school, from the year of enrollment;
  • Medical certificate for the practice of sports activities, of the year of enrollment (of the month
    or of the previous);
  • Xerox of the student's identity and CPF or birth certificate;
  • Xerox of the identity and CPF of the person in charge (for children under 18
  • Xerox of a proof of residence.

Office hours

From 8h to 17h

When can I register?

Applications for the Grael project open twice a year, usually in the months of January and June. The exact dates are published on our social networks, so follow us and keep an eye out in our posts!

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