Nautical Sports Program

Sport is the core motivational program intended for the social gain sought by Project Grael, with sailing one of the fundamental courses. Sailing activities are organized by age group, assimilated knowledge and the height/weight of the students. Children and young people enrolled in Project Grael are assessed by swimming instructors and, if deemed competent, approved to begin sailing lessons. Those not approved are given swimming lessons lasting an entire academic semester, at least, but this period may be extended for another six months, if necessary.


Swimming lessons are available to all age groups with the aim of increasing confidence in the water by learning basic skills such as respiration, immersion, flotation and propulsion in water to ensure safety at sea. At the end of the course, the approved students proceed to sailing lessons.

Basic Optimist I and II

Introductory courses to sailing intended for children between 9 and 13 years old, with a further objective of instilling keenness for the sport. The courses seek to show that sailing is a pleasure accessible to all through fun activities and lessons, both in the classroom and on the water. Sailing helps develop motor response, cognitive and intellectual skills as well as encouraging socialisation.

Advanced Optimist I and II

Also intended for children between 9 and 13 years old, these courses provide continuity to the development of those skills already acquired in the Basic Optimist module, as well as a heightened interest for the sport. As well as sailing lessons twice a week, the student also participates in basic carpentry lessons, where they learn to safely use basic hand tools for maintenance requirements. At the end of the course, each student produces a product such as a miniature boat, a picture frame or a tray.

Basic Dinghy I and II

Intended for students over 13 years old who are not already participating in Project Grael. The objectives are to make sailing accessible;to provide pleasure when sailing; to develop motor response, cognitive and intellectual skills and encourage socialisation.

Advanced Dinghy I and II

This module serves as a complement to the skills developed in the Basic Dinghy courses. Students also participate of Ecopesca Project, offered by the Supplementary Educational Program, once a week. This project is all about fishes and their environment.

Sailing for the Professional Workshops

The course complements the other modules offered in the Nautical Sports Program and is addressed to young people aged between 16 and 24 years. The goal is to introduce the basic concepts and develop sailing navigation for beginners in the nautical market, if as a crew, boat manager, standalone or as an employee in the industry / services involving boating. Thus, better and more complete professionals area prepared, developing physical and intellectual qualities, promoting the interest to this market.
Knots, naming the boat and its frame, handling of equipment used; vocabulary / nautical nomenclature; signs used at sea and in regattas, care and maintenance of boats; study of tides and winds.


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