The institutional transparency – being in their governance processes or in its financial and assets management – is a priority for Instituto Rumo Náutico / Projeto Grael, as a way to guarantee their credibility of its actions for their associates, general society and partners.
Several monitoring and evaluation tools, guarantee the management integrity of Instituto Rumo Náutico / Projeto Grael, as the Board of Auditors and the use of management systems.
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. Balance Sheet 2010/2011

Balanço Patrimonial 2010/2011

Certidão ISS

Certidão Negativa de Débitos CDN ICMS

Certidão Negativa de Débitos Relativos as Contribuições Previdenciárias e as de Terceiros



Rumo Náutico Certidão Dívida Ativa

Rumo Náutico Certidão Negativa Tributos Federais


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