The objectives of Instituto Rumo Náutico/Projeto Grael are defined in its Bylaw, in article 2nd, as follows:
Article 2nd - INSTITUTO RUMO NÁUTICO has the following objectives:
- To offer young people the opportunity of education and socialisation through nautical experiences, such as sailing, rowing and canoeing, therefore contributing to promote these sports and to encourage their practice as well as creating conditions enabling the development of new competitors in these sports; 

-Promote environmental education, encourage young people to exercise citizenship, and divulge maritime culture;

-Promote professional opportunities related to nautical activities, and train students in order to facilitate their access to those professions;

-Integrate sports, education, health and public spirit;

-Teach swimming as an essential part of any nautical activity as well as safety and first-aid techniques;

- Support the leverage of sportive practice and the development of team spirit, leadership and solidarity.


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